Services provided by LAAA

The Civil Legal Representation Process

Once in the interview with one of our Legal Officers, it is determined that you may have a matter for which we can possibly provide you with an attorney, you will then be issued with what is called a Form 1.

The Legal Officer will assist you in filling out the Form I. You then take this form to be signed in the presence of a Justice of the Peace or Commissioner of Affidavits. Once signed you will then return on a designated day indicated on the Form to submit it to one of our Legal Aid Investigators together with any relevant documentation.

The Investigator is to determine whether you qualify for Legal Aid. (There is an Income and Capital limit in law). The Investigator will do a preliminary interview and then arrange to visit you at home. The objective is to ensure that you meet the statutory conditions to qualify for assistance.

Once the Investigator has completed your report it is submitted for consideration by the Board of the Legal Aid and Advisory Authority. The Board then determines if you will be approved for Aid in a Civil/Family High Court matter.

Great news once you are approved! Once you receive your approval letter, you return to the office to sign what is known as an Acceptance Form and you get an attorney-at-law a short while after who is now assigned to your matter to its conclusion.
Note that in extenuating circumstances there is an emergency process to get you aid faster but same has to go through several levels of approval where the request is duly scrutinized.