Services provided by LAAA

Persons (nationals or non-nationals) charged with criminal offences before a Criminal District Court or the Assizes or Court of Appeal may apply for Legal Aid at any of our offices through the normal in-take process (see Legal Advice ).

The Criminal Legal Representation Process

A Form IX will be completed by the Legal Officer on your behalf and given to you to sign in the presence of a Justice of the Peace or Commissioner of Affidavits. The respective Court may facilitate you signing the Form there.

This Form is then submitted by you (or the Authority) to the respective Court where your matter is to be heard. This should be done preferably well in advance of your Court date if already known.

The respective Judge/Master/Magistrate will decide whether to approve the request for Legal Aid. Once approved the said approval is forwarded to the closest Office of the Authority for assignment of an attorney to do your matter.

If the accused person requiring aid is incarcerated then the accused person is visited at the respective prison by one of our Legal Officers and the Form is signed in the presence of our Legal Officer who is also a Commissioner of Affidavits.

The Authority does regular visits to the State Penal Facilities. The Form is then forwarded by us to the respective Court for possible approval.

Family members or friends of an accused person can visit any of our offices and submit the name of an accused person to be visited or email the information to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.