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Mr. Forrester was recognized for the extraordinary work he did in a court matter where he successfully represented a single mother of five faced with a trespass to land action at the High Court. He was also recognized for the work he did in a court matter which prevented a minor from being unfairly deported due to parental inaction.

“While Ms. Greene nominated me for this award, it is a victory for the Authority.

In the trespass to land matter, my colleagues covered for me at the office while I did the site visit. They assisted with advisory when I had to prepare submissions and do the advocacy in court for that matter.
In the security bond matter, the Civil Registry showed empathy and patience toward the applicant despite the language barrier, the Investigations Department quickly assisted with an Emergency Certificate for the applicant, and Ms. Greene herself did the advocacy in that matter. Mr. Ravindra Rajah (Public Defender) made himself available to commission documents, at his home, at night.

I thank the Father for His kindness toward me. I thank our Legal Department, the Civil Registry, the Investigations Department, and the Authority for giving me the support to assist these two clients. I also thank Ms. Greene for the nomination as well as the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of the Attorney General & Legal Affairs.”

- Mr. Javier Forrester